Back from the brink?

I really gave up on blogging for a long time. “So busy” and all that. I’m trying to get back, lets just call all of that ‘excuses’. So in support of that, a whole bunch of housekeeping on the site.

  • Latest and greatest remote exploits .. err I mean wordpress 😉
  • SSL by default thanks to Let’s Encrypt
  • Hopefully Cisco Umbrella no longer calls the site malicious. Thanks for reminding me, xoff. I had my registrar, Namecheap, running a redirect page from to and their virtual hosting platform apparently hosts some filth from time to time. I guess Umbrella can’t block more granularly than an IP, so my whole domain was getting tied up in Namecheap’s ick.  That is hopefully fixed.  Let me know if it’s not.


Hopefully soon to come more posts, with actual content.